Emotional Transformation Therapy® (ETT®) is a cutting edge, mind - body neuropsychotherapy paradigm designed to support the rapid resolution of acute and long-standing distress.  A trained psychotherapist introduces saturated color and light to clients through special tools in order to bypass the intellect, directly addressing unresolved emotions around intrapersonal conflicts. Color and light, viewed straight on and peripherally, while guided and supported therapeutically, often provides illuminance, the ability to make new connections between the past and present, a deeper understanding of one's mental, emotional, physical and energetic states, and a profound sense of embodiment.  Clients often experience relief from emotional and physical distress, gain new perspectives about their issues and relationships and achieve greater access to internal and external resourcing within a few sessions.  

Completing the five levels of training includes learning paradigm methodology, practice and consultation under the guidance of master level ETT® practitioners.  Therapists are required to participate in their own ETT® treatment to thoroughly understand the paradigm, and to become acutely aware of their own implicit material and biases.

Dr. Steven R. Vazquez, Ph.D., LPC-S, LMFT created Emotional Transformation Therapy® in 1992.  He is the author of three books, Emotional Transformation Therapy: An Interactive Ecological Psychotherapy, Accelerated Ecological Psychotherapy, and Spiritually Transformative Psychotherapy as well as numerous articles and case studies describing the mechanics of his groundbreaking discoveries.  Dr. Vazquez has trained psychotherapists around the world.