Christina M Reyes, MA, LMFT 91312  Psychotherapist & Integrative Healer

I am a licensed psychotherapist and healer with an integrative, mind - body practice.  My approach is informed by cutting edge brain research and neuroscience, social - emotional and child development, attachment theory, psychological, somatic and vibrational theories that consider a holistic framework for healing. My practice supports the unwinding of stress, anxiety, emotions, and lived experiences from implicit memory, providing freedom from long held patterns, thought loops, and coping strategies.  Harnessing ancient wisdom and healing practices, a reverent understanding of plant consciousness, my relationship with unadulterated essential oils and energetic realms provide you with opportunities to develop and embody a greater sense of wholeness.  I have supported adults, adolescents and children in clinical and educational settings for two decades, with 14 of those years committed to mental health and emotional wellbeing, and the past 4 years devoted to addressing physical, emotional and mental health with a mind - body approach.  I am proud to support individuals cultivate greater self awareness, safety, intuition, individuation, and more fulfilling relationships; survivors of trauma, those experiencing ptsd, anxiety, depression, stress, arthritis, IBS, neuropathy, acute and chronic pain, along with a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms and issues.  

Additional information about my professional development can be found here.