Integrative Vibrational Healing  .  Come Into Being

I developed Integrative Vibrational Healing to vitalize systemic self awareness and transformation. Vibrational and energetic paradigms, including color and natural light, essential oils, flower essences and energy healing, are utilized in highly specific ways to uncouple the implicit. Attunement, attentive witnessing and reciprocity provide your system the the compassion needed to process, transmute and release, allowing clarity and new resourcing to emerge. Integrative Vibrational Healing is intended to address mental, emotional, physical and energetic states, will provide embodiment and may enhance spiritual unfoldment.  

$125 per 120 minute session


Mind - Body Psychotherapy  (CA LMFT 91312)

My approach to psychotherapy considers not only your thoughts, emotions and physical symptoms, but how your earliest experiences and relationships became a core part of the thoughts patterns, emotional expression, ways of being, relating and coping you inhabit today.  The focus of our work might include shifting outmoded patterns and coping strategies, working through traumatic memories and past experiences, addressing physical discomfort and developing your sense of presence.  I use a combination of theories and practices in treatment; however, I favor Emotional Transformation Therapy® as it is the most comprehensive mind - body psychotherapy paradigm in existence.  I am a Level V Emotional Transformation Therapy® practitioner and have used tools and protocols in treatment since 2015.  Sessions vary greatly and are dependent upon your unique lived experience and desired outcome. 

$110 per 90 minute session


Play Therapy (CA LMFT 91312)

Play is vital to a child’s (and inner child’s) overall development and the healing process. It allows one to creatively solve problems, understand internal parameters and boundaries, vocalize needs and desires, develop healthy coping strategies, and embody a greater sense of safety. Sessions will be experienced 1:1 with the child and at times will take place along with a parent or primary care provider. With over 20 years of professional development and experience with children, I incorporate the use of color, art, natural elements, co-generated play materials, and movement into sessions.

$110 per 90 minute session


Jikiden Reiki  

Jikiden Reiki is experienced while reclining, fully clothed. Prior to the start of your treatment, we will discuss your ailments, specific areas of the body & symptoms you’d like to address. I use my senses and intuition to further this process both prior to and during your treatment.

$110 per 75 minute session